Architects and Designers

The design, landscape and architecture community is one of the most creative and collaborative industries in the business world. It is for this reason that we are thrilled to collaborate and partner with our design industry colleagues at any project stage. When a client invites us to join an existing project that is being managed by a design professional, our experienced team will offer support and quality resources including drawings, technical specifications, and expertise to ensure that the project is completed effectively and efficiently.

During the initial designer/client consultation, we suggest gathering relevant information about lifestyle, tastes and any spatial constraints that may exist. This will allow us, as a team, to determine the most appropriate layout, materials and equipment for the client’s dream outdoor kitchen.

Lifestyle Consultation

One of the great advantages of working with our multidisciplinary team is the range and flexibility in which our resources can be leveraged. When working in conjunction with partners and design community colleagues, we integrate into their teams so collaboration is seamless and transparent to the client. For the design and planning phases on business-to-business projects, our available CAD downloads can be used to determine a preliminary plan based on existing measurements and requirements of the project. If there are no space restrictions, we can simply be provided with the details of the project and create a custom proposal that can be presented to the client.

Design and Planning

All kitchens arrive with a customized installation, operation and maintenance guide that will help to ensure that the implementation of the outdoor kitchen is smooth and efficient so that the established contractor will be able to complete the installation with ease. Should any problems arise, a member of our installation team will be available to further assist by phone, email or "real time" video conference.

Implementation Support

Should your client decide they would like to expand their outdoor kitchen, or are moving and would like to bring their kitchen with them, we will gladly assist in the process by providing documentation on dismantling, packaging and shipping. Our cabinets can be easily re-configured and added to at any point in time.

Long-Term Value and Support


We are focused on creating a tailor made outdoor kitchen program for your development needs. We offer custom project designs, renderings, sales materials and compelling economics for our development client partners.

One of our experienced designers will provide you with a personalized project solution based on your existing landscape plans and customer targets. Our designs are unique to each project and add significant value to the home/condo buying experience of your development.

Design and Planning

We will provide you with visual and programming aides in the form of 3D renderings as well as 2D plans and elevations. These can be used to present to interested prospects or as a compelling sales and marketing tool.

Visualisation and Presentation

With a fully integrated supply chain, we will manage all aspects of each individual outdoor kitchen project including production, assembly and shipping. With an easy to follow installation guide and back end assistance, we offer full support during every step of the project.


Our experieced project management team offers constant support throughout the entire implementation process to ensure smooth installations of our outdoor kitchens.

Project Management

Getting Started

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